Great LOVE Quotes

Welcome friends!

You are going to enjoy one of the best collections of LOVE QUOTES. Some might be familiar to you while others may fresh for you, but all quotes are simply GREAT! 

By the way, why I call this GREAT LOVE QUOTES?

Because I have gone thorough thousands of love quotes and hundreds of books before selecting these 101 quotes. These are CHOSEN thoughts after extensive labor of love.

However this is not everything best said on Love but something best said on Love.

Before starting a journey to words of love, one thing more. In Italian film ‘The Postmaster’, the postman asks to poet:

“Sir, How can I use your poem at my name to write to my beloved?”

The poet replied:

“My dear friend, poetry doesn’t belongs to one who write it, but one who need it”

So, don’t hesitate to use these words to express your feelings to your loved one. And if you find worth than write me at Love about this collection or anything pertaining to the best and greatest word on earth, the LOVE.


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